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A lush, well-manicured lawn is one of those features that helps define suburbia. Large swaths of neatly-cut grass aren't typically a dominant characteristic of the big city landscape, but lawns sure seem important in the 'burbs. And the greener the better.

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We aren’t general landscapers. We are experts in landscaping Halifax

Lawn Care Halifax is made easy by the team of professionals from the team of Neat Lawn Care. People who love the lawn area around the house might not have adequate knowledge about taking care of the grass, so that it stays green always. Landscaping Halifax is the specialty of the experts from Neat Lawn Care and the company serves both commercial and residential customers. Watching greenery around is something spectacular and there are many companies and individuals who are strictly in favor of such surroundings. Well, Neat Lawn Care was also awarded the 2015 Award for Best Customer Service, which gives a clear indication about the services delivered.

If you remember nothing else, remember that my team is experts in Landscaping Halifax, specifically. -Chris Little

Check out our Halifax landscaping Services:

Halifax Sodding Installation by Neat Lawn Care

Halifax Sodding

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Halifax Sodding

Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping Halifax Sodding

Neat Lawn Care Halifax takes pride in providing landscaping services across Halifax, Nova Scotia. Operational since 2011, Neat Lawn Care has been successful in laying Halifax sodding surfaces in Halifax in both the residential as well as commercial establishments. Whether you have moved to a new location where landscaping is required or you want to make your front lawn look like a well-kept, lush surface, the Halifax sodding experts at Neat Lawn Care Halifax will ensure that you have a well-tended lawn that will be the talking point of your locality. Awarded as the Best of Houzz 2015 Service, Neat Lawn Care Halifax is known for its service and professionalism.

Halifax Sodding or laying of turf on barren field is a specialist activity and specific care needs to be taken for the longevity of the sod surface. Homeowners across Halifax prefer sodding because it can lay the lawn almost immediately and also helps against soil erosion. Landscaping Halifax has the specialists required to study the details before laying the sod. Keeping the particular soil composition of Halifax County, the rate of precipitation and the fertility of the soil in mind, our specialists will advise the type of sod that will work best for your property.

Before laying the sod, Landscaping Halifax experts will advise you on all the prerequisites like the type of sods available, the sod that will work for your surface, the removal of weeds, rocks and stones before preparing the surface for the sod, the best time to lay the sod, the care that will be required to maintain the lawn including the best irrigation techniques and fertilizers to keep it in good condition, among many other factors. Once you have approved the process, we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Neat Lawn Care has the best provider for Halifax sodding projects. These trusted company is: <class=”r”>Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod. This local Halifax sodding provider has a consistent track record of producing results.


The award winning service of Landscaping Halifax is sought after by discerning customers and you can peruse our services in greater detail on our website. If you have any landscaping queries or would like to contract our services for your property, please contact us at 902 403-1408 or fill up the inquiry form on our website and we will get in touch with you.

Halifax Gardening

Halifax Gardening

Halifax Gardening performed by Neat Lawn Care

An example of Halifax Gardening by Neat Lawn Care.

The Halifax gardening services offered by Neat Lawn Care Landscaping Halifax are designed to enhance both the beauty and the value of your property. A well maintained garden provides a stunning visual façade for a home or an office and is the meeting point for organic and man-made elements that add appeal. When it comes to Halifax Gardening, building and maintaining a garden is not as easy as it looks; it requires hard work, planning, patience and clarity that come with years of experience. Landscaping Halifax has years of experience in setting up as well as maintaining gardens and it can help you too.

When planning Halifax Gardening Services, the professionals at Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping rely on professional software. This gives you a professional edge when it comes to Halifax gardening. See your garden before it comes to fruition.

Landscaping gardens is an art form and it requires specialized skills in turf laying, path creation, wall building, trellis building, planning for plantation of various plants, trees and bushes, to name a few. Each of these activities require years of experience and training to determine which plants will suit what kind of soil, which features will add appeal and which features will detract from the look. Only an expert gardener can ascertain all that will go into creating a garden that will truly stand the test of time. Lawn Care Halifax does not only have the requisite experience to lay an excellent garden, but its services have also been awarded as the Best Houzz Services for 2015 for providing the most comprehensive lawn care services in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Most people equate Halifax gardening  to land mowing, cutting and pruning the edges and general weeding. But we at Landscaping Halifax know that it is much more than this. We also advise on the best soil for your garden, the best plants for your garden, the best irrigation techniques, the mowing frequency, the mowing thickness, etc to make your garden look the best in your neighborhood. With the expertise of Land Care Halifax by your side, you just need to provide us the broader blueprint of your vision, our experts will take care of the rest.

Owned and operated by Chris Little, who has more than five years of experience in Halifax gardening and landscaping in Halifax, Neat Lawn Care has been satisfying customers since 2011. So sought after are our services that many of our customers have us on annual retainers for maintaining their lawns which were also created by us. If you have any queries regarding any landscaping or gardening needs you can contact us at (902) 403-1408 or send us your query through our query form on our website. You can also approach us for a no-liability free quote for landscaping your property and we will be happy to oblige.

Retaining Walls by Neat Lawn Care

Retaining Walls Built With Anti-Shift Technology

Neat Lawn Care Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are some of the most eye catching features that make landscaping special and Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping Halifax offers comprehensive service packages to design and maintain the retaining walls as part of your landscaping project. Retaining walls offer unique landscaping opportunities in big as well as small lawns and with careful planning the retaining walls can add plenty of natural beauty to your landscape. Who better to help you plan the retaining walls in Halifax than the landscaping company that has won the Best Services Award 2015 from
Depending on the area over which the lawn would extend, the designing, planning and building the retaining walls can involve various skill levels. The sturdiness of the soil over which the retaining wall will be build, the material required (wood, stone, marble, etc), the masonry involved are some of the factors that need to be considered before construction the retaining wall. The project works best if handled by an expert. Landscaping Halifax will study all the factors and plan the entire project for you with clear itemized requirements as well as the capital layout involved. After all, the retaining wall will be one of the focal points of your landscape!

Neat Lawn Care uses a premium, local stone supplier – Stone Depot. Stone Depot provides a wide array of suppliers for the perfect retaining wall.

Retaining walls Halifax require a particular attention to detail and experience in building structures that will stand up to a certain height keeping the overall beauty of the garden in mind. Experienced landscape artists from Land Care Halifax will advise you on the best practices as well as the best methods to build your retaining walls. Our experts have years of experience in designing and building retaining walls in Halifax County.
Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping Halifax is owned and operated by Chris Little, who has more than five years of experience in gardening and landscaping in Halifax. With plenty of local experience under his belt, Chris and his team of experts can advise you on all the queries that you may have about building retaining walls on your property. Advising clients since 2011, Lawn Care Halifax has made an impressive reputation when it comes to landscaping involving the retaining walls in Halifax.
If you have any queries regarding any landscaping or gardening needs you can contact Landscape Halifax at (902) 403-1408 or send us your query through our query form on our website. You can also approach us for a no-liability free quote for landscaping your property and we will be happy to oblige.

Landscaping requires an understanding of the Halifax climate and factors such as vegetation and soil conditions. Read about Neat Lawn Care’s understanding of soil conditions and Halifax Landscaping .  Landscaping that lasts requires vision and the ability to execute.  Landscaping Halifax services are offered by Neat Lawn Care to meet the requirements of the customers they serve. A nice landscape is very important for our overall health and wellbeing. Not only this, if we think deeply about it, landscapes offers a sense of belonging, relaxation, aesthetic enjoyment and serenity too. At times, we often hear that beautiful landscapes inspired many photographers, writers and many other artists.

Landscaping covers education in the field of landscape, spatial planning, managing the development, considering the climate changes, managing the land and biodiversity planning. Neat Lawn Care is the best company for Landscaping Halifax, as the company engages professionals who have complete knowledge about landscaping.  Not only this, the company also offers the services of Lawn Care Halifax, as planning of the lawn is one of the most widely demanded landscaping requirements. Having a nice surrounding affects the people in a very positive way and that is why, landscaping is highly encouraged by people who are aware of its importance.

Landscape designing is a demanded profession these days. As per the demands of Landscaping Halifax, the people are looking for landscape designs which actually blend with the natural beauty of the surrounding region so as to enhance the charm of the area. As the living standards of people is increasing in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada, there are looking for a service provider which offers excellent services of Lawn Care Halifax. Neat Lawn Care is the most proficient service provider when it comes to landscaping and lawn care services.

There are many people who are interested in gardening and they themselves start to design the landscape around the house but it might not look nice as only the professionals have the in-depth knowledge about Landscaping Halifax. People who do it out of interest, do not have knowledge about zoning and pattering, which is actually very crucial when designing landscape for an area. Neat Lawn Care offers everything related to landscaping at very competent rates. If anyone is interested in availing quality services by the company, they can get a quote by contacting the professionals from the company by sharing their landscaping requirements.

Neat Lawn Care focuses on serving each of its customers with dedication and they are definitely going to like the landscape once it is completed and the plants are full grown. If the house owner or business owner wants to develop some area around, so that the people residing in the house or the employees can take a walk sometimes or spend some quality time alone, they can contact the talented team of Neat Lawn Care. The company also provides the services of Lawn Care Halifax along with landscaping so that the customers get everything related to landscape at one place. Designing a landscape is a one-time investment, so one should pick the best service provider to design it and maintain it later on.