Lawn Care Company: Find an Expert with a Single Question

When choosing a lawn care company, we have developed a single to determine expertise specifically. Of course, There are other pitfalls when choosing a lawn care company. What if they stop showing up? What if they rush your service? What happens if your yard is invaded by pests? but there are many guides for that. This guide is special because it is specifically designed for Halifax lawn care companies to test expertise. Every area is different. Every place unique. Halifax Nova Scotia is certainly no exception. The fact that some companies are experts doesn’t mean they are experts for Halifax. Inherently consumers have a choice, they can choose a large provider or they can look at some of the independent firms. Neat Lawn Care is Halifax based. Even within the local independent firms, consumers have choice. We have spent years understanding the Halifax Nova Scotia climate conditions. Below is one simple question, we developed to help choose the best lawn care company. When making a decision, you should obviously ask more questions than these, but this will separate the educated lawn care company from brute force labourers.

The Single Acid Test Question For Any Halifax Lawn Care Company

Question:  Can you tell me a little bit about my soil and the soil in the area?

What to look for in the answer: Soil is determined by 4 main factors: climate, vegetation, drainage and time. The soil in Halifax County is almost completely a result of glacial drift. The rate of precipitation and evaporation effects the way in which the soil should be treated year by year and the amount of fertilization that should be used after the snow melts and winter ends.  In terms of vegetation, 70% of Nova Scotia is forest based. In fact about 37% is softwood, 30% mixed wood, and 3% hardwood. Red Spruce is the most common tree representing about 38% of all the forestry.

Slate and quartzite bedrocks of Precambrian age underlie much of the County. Molten lava late removed much of the slate leaving only the Quartzite. This means that different areas have different requirements. This graphic shows the difference between Upper Stewiacke and Halifax. This graph shows no moisture deficiency for this year and typical lawn care companies will not take precipation into account when planning for your care.