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A lush, well-manicured lawn is one of those features that helps define suburbia. Large swaths of neatly-cut grass aren't typically a dominant characteristic of the big city landscape, but lawns sure seem important in the 'burbs. And the greener the better.

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Halifax Aeration

Neat Lawn Care and landscaping core Aerator Halifax

Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping Aeration serving Halifax home and commercial lawns

Halifax Aeration


Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping offers to the city of Halifax core aeration for superior results for your home or commercial space. The mechanical aeration removes plugs of turf approximately 2-3 inches long in your lawn. This creates artificial pores in your turf allowing  nutrients and moisture into the soil where they are needed the most. These pores allow bad gases such as carbon dioxide to escape, while, oxygen is allowed in, helping the plant breath and circulate within the soil structure.  This ensures optimal results for fertilization and lime treatments as it allows easier access to the soil and root structure of your lawn. Core aeration help relieve compacted soil on your lawn which is a leading cause to pests and weeds.

Halifax Aeration lessens thatch build up in your lawn and allowing the cores created by the aerator to be left on the turf, these core soil plugs will again help break down thatch in your lawn. Aeration can help fight common pests in your turf creating a much better lawn for you and your family.

Neat lawn Care and landscaping operates quality professional mechanical aeration equipment. All employees start training on this important machine early as it is a vital component to a lawns success here in Halifax. We pay special attention to areas on the lawn which may experience heavy foot traffic like around driveways and walkways. Spacing is important when aerating a lawn so every pass is equal distance from the one before it creating an equally covered aerated lawn.

“Mechanical aeration provides an excellent, and probably the only, means of correcting or alleviating soil compaction which may be quite serious on many lawn areas”. – Penn State

When it comes to Halifax aeration nobody beats Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping. Due to years of experience in all weather conditions with Halifax aeration, Neat Lawn care professionals know when and where it is needed most.