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A lush, well-manicured lawn is one of those features that helps define suburbia. Large swaths of neatly-cut grass aren't typically a dominant characteristic of the big city landscape, but lawns sure seem important in the 'burbs. And the greener the better.

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Halifax Overseeding

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Overseeding a lawn means planting new grass seeds to repair thinning turf. Your lawn could have bare spots, or weak, thinning or patchy grass due to compacted soil, poor drainage, weather conditions or weed infestations. One of the ways to restore your lawn and make it more attractive is through overseeding. It dramatically enhances the colour and density of your lawn. Overseeding is not a new concept, people have been practicing it for years to make their lawns look healthy. Overseeding can also fend off weeds. Overseeding is more beneficial to cool season grass like Fescue, Ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass.

Kids, pets and weather can be harsh on your lawn. If you live in a hot summer, mild winter region then overseeding with cool season grass can help to keep the lawn green and healthy throughout the winter months. One problem that existing lawn owners face is the die-out of older grass. As the plants mature, their reproduction rate slows down and the growth of new tillers will continually outpace the dieback of older leaves. This leads to bare spots, thin or patchy grass. One way to prevent this is to keep the grass always young thorough overseeding.
The best time to overseed a lawn is late summer or early winter. September is the ideal month for overseeding. When overseeding is combined with core aeration and fertilization, the overall health of the lawn is improved. The lawn needs to be mowed immediately before overseeding to limit competitions from older grass. Mowing on a regular basis after overseeding is also recommended as it will encourage the new grasses to produce more leaves and thicken up, as well as eradicate any arising unsown annual weeds.
Though Overseeding can be done by a homeowner all by himself, it is best left to the professionals. It entails buying or renting an aerating machine or slit seeder, researching and purchasing the right blend of grass species to use, stocking up on starter fertilizer, and doing the procedure at the right time of the year and under optimal conditions. We at Neat Lawn Care Halifax have years of experience in overseeding lawns. We received the 2015 Award for Best Customer Service for our exemplary service to our customers. Our satisfied customers have always come back to us when they needed their lawns to be overseeded.