Stone work

For a radical and bespoke property that draws an eye, nothing speaks more to your tastes as a property owner or manager then the inclusion of Hardscapes. Neat Lawn Care and Landscaping offers the most captivating and economical hardscape designs for the discerning tastes.

Some of the dramatic elements in today’s popular landscapes are what we call Hardscapes. Hardscaping is an industry term describing the use of hardened materials such as stone and pavers in your landscape as opposed to the ‘softer’ materials such as sod and gardens.

We offer not only top quality materials and products but also the knowledge and training from such industry associations as ICPI and NCMA.

With so much experience, our team can suggest a variety of hardscaping ideas and get the most out of your green space. From a path to your front door, a patio for entertaining, a driveway for parking, and grade changes are just a few of the dramatic hardscape elements utilized in modern hardscape design.

Brick and Paver solutions

  • •  Walkways and Landings
  • •  Patios
  • •  Driveways

Elevation Change:

  • •  Retaining Walls
  • •  Steps
  • •  Raised planting beds


  • •  Natural Outcropping
  • •  Flagstone Walkways and patios
  • Stone features
  • Fire features
  • Water features
  • •  And many more…